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About Sheeba

The Confidence Coach

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Sheeba is a highly qualified and experienced  Executive Development and Leadership Coach. She is a Certified Corporate Trainer, with a strong background in emotional intelligence and neuro linguistic programming. She has a diverse range of experience working with individuals and organizations to help them achieve greater effectiveness and success. Additionally, she is involved with the Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and has a special interest in counseling cancer patients in the palliative stage providing emotional support, mentoring to children of prisoners.

She is the founder of Coachable Minds.

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is a valuable investment for organizations looking to develop their leaders and drive business success. It provides leaders with a personalized approach to leadership development, a sounding board for their ideas and concerns, and a way to develop emotional intelligence. As the demand for effective leaders continues to increase, organizations should consider investing in executive coaching to help their leaders reach their full potential.


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Life Coach

Life coaching sessions are designed to help individuals identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them. 
We provide support and encouragement as the client works towards their goals, helping them to stay on track and make progress towards greater fulfillment.
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The goal of transformation coaching is to help clients identify their values, goals, and desired outcomes, and then support them as they make the necessary changes to achieve those outcomes.
Data Analyst

With Sheeba, I had a lovely and lively journey through out our sessions. I noticed a lot of differences in my behaviour and thoughts before and after the sessions. With her, I had the ease to confide all my problems and the courage to express freely. I have been able to identify what brings me joy and connection to who I am, personally and professionally.

Manoj Vibhooty

Workshops & Trainings

Our workshops and trainings can help your organization can create a positive work environment, enhance the skills and abilities of their employees, provide experiential learning, and drive long-term success.

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