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Executive & Leadership Coaching

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Life Coaching

Life coaching sessions are designed to help individuals identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them. A life coach may work with clients to help them improve their overall quality of life and find greater fulfillment.


During a life coaching session, the coach may help the client identify areas of their life where they feel stuck or unfulfilled, and work with them to create a plan to make positive changes. This may involve setting goals, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and developing strategies for success.


A coach may also use techniques such as goal setting, visualization, and positive thinking to help the client stay motivated and focused on their goals. Additionally, the coach may provide support and encouragement as the client works towards their goals, helping them to stay on track and make progress towards greater fulfillment.

Transformation Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a method that aims to create a change of attitude and behaviour in the person. It is a motivational method to help them reach their full potential.

The spiritual dimension is a reference point for the motivating impulse of life.

This type of coaching is most often used when a person feels lost or a company feels that there is a lack of humanization in its employees. The Transformational Coach helps people overcome their limiting beliefs and transform their lives.

Everyday life can lead to the confinement in the comfort zone and that actions become repetitive and “normal” but these actions do not always bring positive results, they can also be negative results that become patterns in the behaviour of human beings and therefore do not let them transcend.

Workshops & Trainings

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My workshops and trainings can help your organization can create a positive work environment, enhance skills and abilities of their employees, provide experiential learning , and drive long-term success.

To know more, or if you have more questions go through our FAQs or Contact me.

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