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Testimonials from Clients

As a business leader responsible for the professional and emotional well-being of our team, during the Covid times when everyone had to work from home, some of us felt the isolation. Not just that, but added responsibilities, disappearing lines between home and work, possible lack of quiet and space to function during work hours and so on were just some of the issues we were all going through. Personally, I felt the lack of one-on-one interaction and accessibility for our team with both Jacob and myself during the online times was quite disconnecting. We are grateful for Sheeba's involvement at such a time to not only individually coach and listen to every member of the team but also help bring perspective, clarity, and accountability across the board to support and help each other. Her work has shown results for the entire team and the positivity within is evident. We thank her for her contribution to team OroSoft.

Mathew Daniel, CEO, OroSoft

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